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The Jane Austen Society of the UK

Silhouette of Jane Austen

By courtesy of the National
Portrait Gallery, London

Aims of the Society

  • To foster the appreciation and study of the life, work and times of Jane Austen and the Austen family

  • To secure the preservation of the manuscripts, letters and memorabilia of Jane Austen and the Austen family

  • To continue a programme of scholarly publications concerning Jane Austen and the Austen family

  • To support the work of the Jane Austen Memorial Trust in maintaining the Museum at Jane Austen's House, Chawton

The Jane Austen Society is active in its wider aim of honouring the author and promoting interest in her life and works. Speakers at the Annual General Meeting, held at Chawton House in July, have included Paul Johnson, P D James, Professor Richard Jenkyns and Matthew Parris. The text of these talks is printed in the Society's annual Report, a scholarly publication which includes articles on recent research and discoveries, acquisitions at the Museum, a bibliography of new books and articles, information from sale-rooms, and some illustrations.

In addition to the Society's day and weekend conferences, a varied menu of events is offered by Branches and Groups in Bath and Bristol, Cambridge, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, London, the Midlands, Norfolk, the North, Scotland, South West, Wales, and counties adjoining Surrey - the Southern Circle. The active participation of new members is encouraged by the organisers.

The Society has compiled a Register of Speakers which includes a section for dramatic and musical presentations. New entries are welcomed and applicants should forward brief biographical details including qualifications, with examples of texts, to the Hon. Secretary.

Full details of the Constitution of the Jane Austen Society may be displayed on screen via the link in the left-hand column.

The Society is happy to be contacted on matters concerning Jane Austen, and to answer queries about her life and work. Please contact the Honorary Secretary, 20 Parsonage Road, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9JG, or by e-mail to hq@jasoc.org.uk

Chawton House

AGM at Chawton House

Brighton Pavilion

Visit to Brighton Pavilion
during 2013 Annual Conference

However, queries on membership should be sent only to the membership secretary (contact details on the Membership page), and articles for the Newsletter or Annual Report, or books for review, should be sent only to the Editor (contact details on the Newsletter page).


Richard Knight


Elizabeth Proudman

Honorary Secretary:

Maureen Stiller, 20 Parsonage Road, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9JG

Membership Secretary:

Sharron Bassett, 'Sospiri', 9 George Street, Dunfermline, Fife,
Scotland KY11 4TQ

Registered Charity No. 1040613

Site up-dated: April 2014

Website manager: webmanager@jasoc.org.uk