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Jane Austen Society Annual Reports

The Reports of the Jane Austen Society from 1949 onwards are now freely accessible online as part of the Internet Archives, hosted by the University of Southampton. They contain news about the Society and its activities, and a wealth of articles about every aspect of Jane Austen's family history and writing career, in addition to transcriptions of addresses to the annual general meetings by such luminaries as Elizabeth Jenkins, Elizabeth Bowen, Brian Southam, Margaret Drabble, Marilyn Butler and Deirdre Le Faye.

From 1949 to 2005, the Annual Reports were bound in six volumes titled Collected Reports. Since 2006, the Annual Reports have appeared only as single volumes. The online copies are searchable by keywords.

The link below displays small images for the full range of these reports. Scroll down and select the required year. When the first page of the selected report appears on screen, a list of symbols is displayed at the foot of the screen. Left-click on the symbol at the far right of these options to display a larger version of the page.

Other options include:

(1) left-hand and right-hand arrows to move between pages
(2) single-page and double-page display
(3) zoom-in and zoom-out

To contact the Editor to arrange submissions for the Annual Reports, please select the following link:

Click here to access the archive.