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Hampshire Group

The Hampshire Group was established in May 2002 and by the end of its first year had already attracted over 100 members. We are fortunate in serving the county Jane Austen knew and loved best, where she was born, where almost all of her novels were written, and where she is buried. Our members are also particularly well placed to attend the Society's annual meeting in Chawton each July and to benefit from other Jane Austen events which find a natural location in the county.

Our subscription is £5 a year, or £8 for two people living at the same address. We hold an AGM in May followed by a talk by an experienced speaker, and at least three other events.

We publish a Newsletter twice a year with details of events, reports of meetings, and brief articles.

For queries, further details and/or a membership application form, please contact or complete the application form displayed via the How to join link on the left of this screen.

Ashe Church

Ashe Church

The Vyne, Basingstoke

The Vyne, Basingstoke