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The Southern Circle, founded in 1989, is run on very informal lines. Although we have close links with the Jane Austen Society, we are not formally a Branch. Our meetings for the most part take the form of a discussion group (where we sit in a circle, hence our name) and, at each meeting, we discuss a different aspect of Jane Austen's work. Topics range from discussions about the novels and letters to the quirkier 'what makes you laugh in Jane Austen?' and 'something you admire or don't admire about a Jane Austen character'.

We meet on two Saturdays a year, in March and October, and are lucky enough to be able to use a space at Jane Austen's House in Chawton as our venue but, for the moment, our meeings are taking place online. Our next meeting will be on Saturday 15 May and the topic is 'what do Jane Austen's letters tell us about her?' Non-members are welcome.


Our members come mainly from across the South-East of England, but all are welcome. Our annual contribution to help with running costs is £5. We are always delighted to welcome new members or potential members to our meetings.

If you are interested in joining the Southern Circle, or want to come along to a meeting to try it out, contact Fiona Ainsworth, 15 Cherry Hill Gardens, Waddon, Surrey CR0 4QL or via e-mail at