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Jane Austen's House Museum, Chawton

An overview of Jane Austen's links with Chawton, a selection of items of interest to view in the Museum, and the range of books and related items for sale in the Museum Shop.

Chawton House

A comprehensive introduction to the Library and Study Centre, with its special emphasis on the work of early English women writers. The House is now open to the public every day of the week.

Chawton Village

A guide to facilities, features and current events in Chawton.

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath

Attractions and activities organised by this well-established Centre, including details of their annual Festival.

Bath Tourist Information

Major events in Bath throughout the course of the year.

Hampshire County Council

The Jane Austen section of their website, listing relevant locations associated with the author.

Lyme Regis Museum, Dorset

One of the main exhibits within the Museum covers Jane Austen's links with Lyme Regis, including both her personal visits and its setting for scenes in Persuasion.

Alliance of Literary Societies

Brief details, plus links to specific websites, of the numerous societies within the ALS.

Royal Society of Literature

Aims and objectives of the Society, including details of a wide range of literary events organised throughout the year.

Seeking Jane Austen

A detailed and illustrated guide for visitors to the places associated with Jane Austen, from Steventon, Bath and Chawton, to Southampton, London and Kent.

Pemberley Website

A wide selection of items and topics related to the author, including a useful search facility for specific text within each of the novels.

Mitsuharu Matsuoka's
Jane Austen site

A wealth of references to a wide range of subjects related to Jane Austen.

Centre for The Novel,
University of Aberdeen

The Centre has been created to promote the study of novels, novelists and novelistic traditions through symposia, conferences, visiting fellowships, and postgraduate teaching and research.

John Murray Archive, Edinburgh

The contents of the archive reflect the 200 years of the firm's publishing history. John Murray II was responsible for the publication of the final four novels of Jane Austen, and the archive contains two letters written by the author to the publisher.

Excavations at Steventon Rectory

Latest details of this on-going project currently undertaken by Archaeo Briton.

Alton Abbey

A summary of the range of spiritual experiences offered within this Benedictine Monastery, including a series of one-day retreats focussing on the works of Jane Austen.

U3A Thames Valley Network

This organisation has 42 U3As in its membership, located throughtout Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. It runs a series of Study Days (usually about 8 per year) and attracts attendances of between 60 and 120 people, depending on the popularity of the subject. These events are usually held in Benson Parish Hall, Oxford OX10 6LZ, with good screen and sound facilities.

The Early Dance Circle

The EDC was formed in 1984 as an umbrella organisation to promote the enjoyment, performance and study of dance in earlier centuries, including the Regency England period.

Jane Austen Society of North America

Activities and events organised within JASNA.

Jane Austen Society of Australia

Activities and events organised within JASA.

Jane Austen Society of Brazil

Activities and events organised within JASBRA.

Jane Austen Society of the Czech Republic

This small group of Jane Austen fans is based in the city of Brno. Details of their current activities via the link on the left of the screen.

Jane Austen Society (Netherlands)

Activities and events planned by this Society in the Netherlands.