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Introducing Jane Austen and her Novels
Introducing Jane Austen: The Woman and the Writer
Literature in the 19th Century: Jane Austen and the Development of the Novel
Jane Austen's Literary Fingerprint
Jane Austen and Marriage: Fact and Fiction
Jane Austen's Widows and Old Maids
Father of the Bride
Jane Austen's Women
Sense and Sensibility: A Novel with Two Heroines
The Story Behind Pride and Prejudice
Themes in Pride and Prejudice
The Body in the Library : Meet the Real Mr Bennet!
A Walk in the Park : The Story of Fanny Price
Fanny and Emma: Two Disparate Heroines
Jane Austen: 200 and Counting - her continuing popularity
Mr Perry's Carriage: A New Perspective on Emma

These can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Speakers in Kent also give talks on the Austen family connections to their county.


Jane Austen: Life and Works
Lotions and Potions: Getting better 200 years ago!
'Ring the Bell for Hill': Servant life 200 years ago
Did Marianne Sing Scots Songs?

Hampshire and adjacent counties: (It may be possible to have these talks elsewhere in the country)
Jane Austen and her Hampshire Family
Jane Austen and the Miracle of Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen and the Clergy
Jane Austen and the Landscape Garden
Jane Austen's Letters
Jane Austen's Sailor Brothers

If you require a talk on a specific subject, we will endeavour to cater for your particular interest, given sufficient notice.

Select the following link for a brief outline of the content of the talks.