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Jane Austen Publications

The Collected Reports are an important record of the Society's history since its inception, and of original research over the years. The Annual Address from each Annual General Meeting is included with the subjects covered, ranging widely from the life and work of Jane Austen and her family to the different apects of the life and times in which she lived. Each report also contains a wide variety of illustrated articles, and a general index and list of contributors.

Collected Reports

Vol 1 1949 - 1965


Vol 2 1966 - 1975


Vol 3 1976 - 1985


Vol 4 1986 - 1995


Vol 5 1996 - 2000
(Contains reference index for all previous
Collected Reports up to and including 2000)


Vol 6 2001 - 2005


Individual Reports

2006 - 2015

3 each

Note to Researchers: the Reference Index contained in Vol 5 of the Collected Reports is a useful research tool.

The books listed below, published on behalf of the Society, cover a range of subjects related to the work, life and times of Jane Austen. Their content has been rigorously researched by the authors or editors, and much of the material is unavailable elsewhere.

A larger version of each book cover can be displayed by selecting the images in the right-hand column.

To purchase any of the publications displayed on this page, please select the How to order link on the left of the screen.

Fanny Knight's Diaries: Jane Austen through her niece's eyes

Edited by Deirdre Le Faye.  Published 2000, revised 2003.  pp 42

Fanny Knight, born in 1793, was the eldest child of Jane's third brother, Edward Austen. (Edward adopted the name of Knight in 1812 to inherit the Hampshire and Kent estates from his relatives). Her mother died in 1808 so, at the age of 15, she took her mother's place in running the household and the family. Jane Austen called her 'almost another sister' and wrote her letters of advice.

The book is a history of the Austen family, based on abstracts from Fanny's diaries from 1804 until Jane Austen's death in 1817.


Reminiscences of Caroline Austen

Edited by Deirdre Le Faye.  Published 1986, revised 2004.  pp 86

An annotated collection of memories from 1804 to 1874, written by Caroline Austen in the early 1870s, instigated by James Edward Austen Leigh's interest in creating a memoir of their aunt Jane Austen and her immediate family. Written in diary form.


My Aunt Jane Austen: A Memoir by Caroline Austen

Published 1991 (first published 1952).  pp 22

The recollections of Jane Austen's niece, Caroline Mary Craven Austen, daughter of James and born 1805, were written in March 1867 and cover the time she first remembers her aunt at Chawton to the date of Jane's death in 1817.

Includes the short Recollections of John White, 1820-1921, of the village of Chawton and the villagers during that period.


Jane Austen in Bath

by Jean Freeman (revised edition) 2002 (first published 1969).  pp 64

There have been changes in the city since this book was first published, but the squares and crescents remain as a factual background to Jane Austen's novels, particularly Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, and to Jane's own acquaintance with Bath through her visits and later residence there.


Godmersham Park, Kent - before, during, and since Jane Austen's day

by Nigel Nicolson.  Published 1996.  pp 35

The book describes this elegant country house, once the home of Jane Austen's brother Edward, from when it was built in 1732 to the 1990s, commenting on references in Jane Austen's letters to her visits here.  Illustrated.


Jane Austen in Lyme Regis

by Maggie Lane.  Published 2003.  pp 55

This guide, written in 2003, describes Lyme Regis and its rise as a sea-bathing resort in the early nineteenth century. It is known the Austens visited Lyme in November 1803 and then the summer of 1804. This guide descrbes Jane's time in Lyme which provided the background to significant events in her novel Persuasion.


Jane Austen's Steventon

by Deirdre Le Faye.  Published 2007.  pp 60

Historical overview of Steventon, with specific reference to buildings and other aspects linked to Jane Austen.


Jane Austen's Family and Tonbridge

by Margaret Wilson. Published in 2001 in association with the Kent Branch.
pp 60

An interesting account of the Austen family's connections in Kent from 1560, starting with John Austen I and including Jane Austen's father who taught at Tonbridge School before his marriage. The author, a local historian, includes information about the Austen family both in Tonbridge and elsewhere in Kent.


Jane Austen: Collected Poems and Verse of the Austen family

Edited by David Selwyn.  Published in 1996 in association with Carcanet Press.  pp 108

This book contains the 17 poems known to have been written by Jane Austen, several poems by her mother, a clever and witty versifier, as well as charades, poems and riddles by other members of the family circle. Fully annotated.


The Complete Poems of James Austen

Edited (with an introduction and notes) by David Selwyn.  Published 2003.
pp 190

This volume provides for the first time an opportunity to enjoy all the poetry written by Jane Austen's eldest brother - the amusing prologues and epilogues to the Steventon theatricals, the affectionate verses for his children, and the lyrical descriptions of the Hampshire landscape he loved so much.


Fugitive Pieces: the poems of James Edward Austen-Leigh, Jane Austen's nephew and biographer

Edited (with an Introduction and Notes) by David Selwyn.  Published 2006.
pp 138

The 43 poems, many of them written in his youth, together with riddles and charades, are interspersed with charming silhouette pictures by James Edward Austen-Leigh. Two of the poems are written to and about Jane Austen herself, and many of the others are to or about family members.


Jane Austen: A Celebration

Edited by Maggie Lane and David Selwyn, with a Foreword by HRH the Prince of Wales (published in association with Carcanet Press).  Published 2000.  pp 96

To mark the millennium, this volume presents a collection of views of Jane Austen from 66 distinguished contributors from all walks of life: writers, politicians, sports people, actors and others. Many of these short pieces have been specially written for the book giving the author's individual take on Jane Austen.


Jane Austen and the North Atlantic : Essays from the 2005 Jane Austen Society
Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Edited by Sarah Emsley.  Published 2006.  pp 61

This publication contains the four lectures given at the Jane Austen Society 2005 Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The lectures are on Jane's naval brothers in Halifax; her connections with North America, fact and fiction; exploring the insular aspects of her novels and her international knowledge; and the North American readers' differing reactions to the perceived romanticism to the endings of her novels.


The Letters of Mrs Lefroy

Edited by Helen Lefroy and Gavin Turner.  Published 2007.  pp 258

Including illustrations, biographical and topographical indices and family pedigrees, this book contains letters written by Mrs Lefroy, the wife of the rector of Ashe, a village close to Steventon, who, despite a 25 year age gap, was a close friend of Jane Austen. There is a short family history, followed by letters, mainly to her son Edward, from 1800 to her death in 1804.