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Content of Talks

The titles of many of the talks are self-explanatory; below is an outline of those that perhaps need more explanation.

Introducing Jane Austen and her Novels

Divided into two parts, covering first, Jane Austen the woman, her life and family, followed by a look at her Works, focussing on the writing and the publication, and some of the anecdotes attached to them.

Introducing Jane Austen - The Woman and the Writer

A talk combining the life and family elements of 'Introducing Jane Austen' with her development as a writer and her influence on the novel.

Jane Austen and Marriage - Fact and Fiction

Another talk in two parts. The first takes a general look at marriage in the 18th/19th century from a woman's standpoint, but with particular emphasis on women of Jane Austen's own class. In the second part, the talk looks at the marriages within the six major novels; those existing at the start, those formed during and those formed at the end of the novels.

Themes in Pride and Prejudice

Some background to the writing and early reception of the novel, followed by some of the themes covered. These include:Appearance and Reality; Class, Inheritance and Society; Parenting and Family.

Jane Austen's Literary Fingerprint

An extension of the above in two sections, which also covers 20th and 21st century writers on Austen.

Literature in the 19th Century

This covers the development of the novel and Jane Austen's role in it, together with the comments of 19th-century writers on Jane Austen. It offers some evidence of her influence (or lack of it) on some of these writers.

A Walk in the Park : The Story of Fanny Price

A Body in the Library : Meet the Real Mr Bennet!